Emancipation Day 2018

Don’t Drop the Ball:
Recognizing Athletes With A Rendville Connection
Committing to Keeping The Rendville Story Alive

Richard L. Davis Historic Marker Dedication, African Dancers, New Rendville Documentary Screening & Interview With Former NCAA Basketball Star Jerry Jackson Highlight the Afternoon

Rendville-Perry County Chanmps 1950's
The Rendville Tigers: 1956 Perry County Junior High Basketball Champs!

It’s that time of year once again for our annual Rendville Emancipation Day Celebration.  Set your sights and Google Maps on Rendville, Ohio for Saturday, September 22, 2018, as this year’s event promises to be one our best yet!  Our theme, Don’t Drop the Ball!, not only recognizes athletes with ties to Rendville, it also asks that all who are friends and residents of Rendville, to help the Rendville Historical Preservation Society keep the Rendville story alive!  You can do that by attending Emancipation Day, becoming a RHPS member, volunteering your time and sharing your story via pictures, interviews and word of mouth.  We are looking for the next generation of descendants and friends of Rendville to join the elders in this work!

Emancipation Day 2018
Main Street • Rendville, Ohio 
Noon-5 PM • Saturday, September 22

African Dance
Dedication of Historical Marker to Union Leader Richard L. Davis

Invocation & Lunch
Potluck (Bring A Dish)
Brats, Snacks & Drinks Also for Sale

1:30PM – Opening Program
Songs by Joyce Carmichael (Black National Anthem & What A Beautiful Name)
Rap Poems  (War Within the Wind/Young Man) Kyle Johnson
Akwaaba African Dancers & Drummers
Song/Keyboard – Phillip Tabler
Poem (Don’t Drop the Ball) – Anita P. Jackson
Importance of the project – Historical Connection
(Jerry Jackson & Harry Ivory)

Interview – Attorney Jim Workman with Jerry D. Jackson
Recognition of other athletes with Rendville Connections

Rendville Remembrances  from Crowd

3:20PM & 4:10PM 
“Rendville: Across the Color Line”  New Film by Burr Beard
“Team of the Century “OU 1964 Basketball Team”
Clips from OU-Michigan 1964 NCAA Tournament Basketball Game

Music by Wayne Knacek

Farewell Til Next Year

Ted Talks on Rendville

2 thoughts on “Emancipation Day 2018

  1. relative in Zanesville sent me info, I now live in NC but my grandfather WK Hopkins lived in Rendville. We would visit the Baptist church and relatives, part of whom were the Edwards. I saw part of the coal mine my grandfather worked. this was many years ago. I still have news articles about the people of the town.

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    1. Irene. I missed this when you first wrote it, but am seeing it for the first time. I’m sure the Rendville Historic Preservation Society would be very interested in your articles and in talking with you. Let me know how to reach you.


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