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Our Projects

Learn more about the efforts and collaborations of the Rendville Historic Preservation Society.

The Little White House History & Visitor Center

We have many long-term goals, but the first and foremost is to create a space for learning, gathering, and sharing the unique ethnic and labor history of Rendville. We hope that by restoring and revitalizing The Little White House, we can reach this goal. Grants, donations and volunteers continue to fuel our efforts.

The Rendville Cemetery Project

The Rendville Historic Preservation Society and the Ohio State University Center for Folklore Studies created a website preservation project focused on the Rendville/Scotch Hill cemetery. Ohio State University students Lydia Smith and Jacob Kopcienski worked closely with RHPS Vice President Harry Ivory to document the cemetery.
This website serves as a living repository for the documentation of the cemetery they produced including photographs, videos, and audio recordings make the cemetery more holistically accessible to the many former residents of Rendville who are unable to return. 


Rendville Coal Town Archaeological Project: Race, Gender, and Consumption in the Appalachian Coal Fields

Archaeology is a crucial means of investigating Rendville’s past. The Rendville Historic Preservation Society, along with the Little Cities of Black Diamonds Council, and The Ohio State University, have launched concerted efforts to preserve and share the history of Rendville through various community and academic partnerships.

Support Us

Donations large and small help us reach our short and long term goals.

Donate to Help Us fund the Little White House Museum and Visitor Center

We are currently accepting donations via check and PayPal.

Checks must be made out to the Rendville Historic Preservation Society and mailed to:

Rendville Historic Preservation Society
Frans H. Doppen, Treasurer
59 Elmwood Place
Athens, OH 45701