Rendville is the smallest incorporated town in Ohio, and is home to significant
African American history and a compelling story of ethnic diversity.  Rendville is located in the Wayne National Forest, on State Route 13 in southern Perry County (25 miles north of Athens, 25 miles south of Zanesville, and 65 miles southeast of Columbus). Our town’s population stood at 34 in the 2010 census.

The Rendville Historic Preservation Society formed as a non-profit corporation in July 2015.  Purposes of the Rendville Historic Preservation Society are to:

  • to leave a legacy for future generations through the preservation of the history, heritage, and the physical structures of the Village of Rendville
  • to revitalize and economically develop the Village of Rendville through civic tourism
  • to collaborate with regional institutions of education and local history and cultural community organizations to create, both formal and informal educational opportunities for all stakeholders

The organization is operated and governed by a volunteer working board.

Officers for the organization are:
Jerry Jackson, President
Harry Ivory, Vice President
Dr. Frans Doppen, Secretary-Treasurer

In addition to the officers, current board members include:
Bryan Bailey (mayor)
Jean Harris
Janis Ivory
Anita Jackson
Robin Mohammad
Denver Norman
Troi Staples
John Winnenberg
Burr Beard

Volunteers interested in joining the governing/working board should contact President Jerry Jackson via e-mail at bobcatjdj@wildblue.net

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