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About Us

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to leaving a legacy for future generations through the preservation of the history, heritage, and the physical structures of the Village of Rendville. 

The Rendville Historic Preservation Society formed as a non-profit corporation in July 2015.  Purposes of the Rendville Historic Preservation Society are:

  • to revitalize and economically develop the Village of Rendville through civic tourism.
  • to collaborate with regional institutions of education and local history and cultural community organizations to create, both formal and informal educational opportunities for all stakeholders

The organization is operated and governed by a volunteer working board.

Colonel William P. Rend
Founder of Rendville, Colonel William P. Rend, welcomed all nationalities and races. He was one of the few mine owners who advocated for miner’s rights.
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Richard L. Davis
Richard L. Davis was a delegate at the formation of the UMWA in 1890 and was later elected to its National Executive Committee.
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Roberta Preston
Roberta Preston was the first African American women postmaster in Ohio, appointed in 1953.
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Jerry Jackson
Jerry Jackson led the Ohio University Bobcats to a victory in the 1964 NCAA tournament, named 3rd-Team All American, and drafted by the Detroit Pistons.
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Sophia Mitchell
First African American woman appointed to the office of Mayor in Ohio.
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Dr. Isaiah S. Tuppins
The first African American to receive a medical degree in Ohio and first African American mayor in the Northern U.S in 1886.
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Adam Clayton Powell Sr.
Originally a miner in the Rendville mine, a spiritual leader of the Harlem Renaissance, founder of the National Urban League.
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Our Legacy of Leadership

Rendville is the smallest incorporated town in Ohio, and is home to significant African American history, labor history, and a compelling story of ethnic diversity. 

An interracial experience created by mine owner William P. Rend established a community where African Americans and arriving European immigrants lived side by side in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s allowing for the breaking of the color barrier before the Civil Rights movements.

A long history of strong leadership stems from our small village, and it is our goal to preserve their legacy and share their incredible history.

About Rendville

Rendville is located in the Wayne National Forest, on State Route 13 in southern Perry County.

Rendville is the smallest incorporated town in Ohio and is home to significant African American history and a compelling story of ethnic diversity.

As one of this nation’s early integrated communities, Rendville is a historical example of diversity creating community.  

At its height, Rendville built harmonious relationships among people of different racial, ethnic and social class groups.

Meet Our Board


Jerry D. Jackson

is a former Rendville resident with continuing ties within the community. He is a graduate of Ohio University and a former teacher and coach with the  Zanesville School System. Jackson was elected into Ohio University’s Hall of Fame in 1977, The Ohio University Athletic Department Hall of Fame in 2007, Southern Local School Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame in 2007 and the State of Ohio Hoop Zone Hall of Fame in 2010. He serves with the Zanesville Carey Metro Child Care, the Nelson T. Gant Foundation, the Zanesville Esquire Club and as advisor to Grover Cleveland Middle School television program. He has also served on the Zanesville Community Center Board, Minority Students Introduction to College, the NAACP and the Reach Out program for youths on probation. Jerry is currently taking a medical time-out from RHPS duties.

vice chairman

Harry Ivory

Harry Ivory is a former Rendville resident with family still residing within the community. He has served as both as basketball and softball coach for the City of Columbus, Parks and Recreation Department and as a coach and board member of the Mount Vernon Youth Association. Ivory is currently retired from the State of Ohio, Department of Administrative Services where he coordinated mail services for 36 State of Ohio agencies. Harry is currently serving as Acting Chairman during Jerry Jackson’s medical time-out. 


Dr. Frans H. Doppen

Dr. Frans H. Doppen holds a Doctorands degree in Modern History from Utrecht University, the Netherlands, as well as an Ed. S. Educational Leadership and a Ph.D. in Social Studies Education from the University of Florida. Dr. Doppen has taught courses in Social Studies Education and currently teaches graduate courses in Curriculum at Ohio University. Dr. Doppen has developed a scholarly interest in Southeast Ohio as a classroom to learn about Appalachia. He has begun several projects to engage his students in learning more about the region. He is the author of several scholarly articles on the integration of technology in the history classroom, middle level social studies education, curriculum standards and historical inquiry. He has also authored a book, “Crossing the Color Line” about the life and career of Richard L. Davis, a former Rendville resident.


Janis Ivory

Janis Ivory is a former Rendville resident retired from the State of Ohio where she managed the office of The Ohio Air Quality Development Authority. She has served as a Commissioner with the Boy Scouts of America, the secretary of the Columbus Branch of the NAACP, a board member of the Mouth Vernon Youth Association and a board member of the Ohio Conference of NAACP Branches and a member of the A. Phillip Randolph Institute. Ivory is a graduate of Franklin University with a B.A. in Business Administration with a focus on Organizational Management.

Board Member

John Winnenberg

John Winnenberg, Little Cities of Black Diamonds Council, is a local historian and leader in preserving and promoting the history of coal mining towns in Appalachia. He helps communities develop regional tourism and economic development of the area as a method of keeping its history alive. With family ties to Rendville, Winnenberg remains an active resident of the area. He holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary and secondary education from Bowling Green State University and is a former teacher in the area.

Board Member

Anita Jackson

Anita Jackson is married to a former Rendville resident and has embraced the village as her own. She has a Ph.D. in Counselor Education from The Ohio State University and is an Associate Professor Emeritus in Counseling and Human Development of the College and Graduate School of Education, Health and Human Services at Kent State University. Jackson’s published research focus is HIV/AIDS prevention, stress, multicultural counseling, women’s issues and African American history and development. Her most recent publication is “In the Service of Community, An Honored Elder: The Honorable Judge Perry Brooks Jackson”.

Board Member

Jean Harris

Jean Harris maintains a home in Rendville. She is a former Rendville Council member and has worked with area historians in planning and designing projects to preserve the history of Rendville.

Board Member

Chris Harris

A former Rendville resident who maintains close ties with the village where he grew up. He has worked in corporate human resources at Cardinal Health since 2014. Chris served in civil rights enforcement with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission where he held various positions including public information officer, and investigator in the agency’s special investigations unit. He also served on the OCSEA Union Executive Board’s workplace culture and labor/management relations committee. Chris previously served as mayor of Rendville and oversaw planning of its annual Emancipation Day Celebrations. He holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Dayton School of Law and a BA in public relations and advertising from Marietta College. Chris has been a volunteer youth coach, tutor for at-risk youth, and volunteered at Ronald McDonald House. He is an aspiring writer who currently resides Houston.

Donate to Help Us fund the Little White House Museum and Visitor Center

We are currently accepting donations via check and PayPal.

Checks must be made out to the Rendville Historic Preservation Society and mailed to:

Rendville Historic Preservation Society
Frans H. Doppen, Treasurer
59 Elmwood Place
Athens, OH 45701